Short and tweet

However many years you spent in full time education, you'll still have to go round the whole supermarket five times to find the eggs.


Ensure that all your CDs are arranged alphabetically and your skirting boards are polished by sitting down to do some planning today.


Hanging out washing this morning I destroyed a huge spiderweb. Now plagued with guilt and empathy. I'd be gutted if a day's work was gone.


Quick question. Doing a little work and wondering how geographers have used film in the classroom.


@Kenny73 Using The Impossible for kids to consider differences in response (to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami) between Thailand and Japan. Also use Slumdog (Millionaire) for Mumbai.


It's here! First day of the academic year for our undergraduate students #StrathBEd + first day of our brand new BA (Hons) Primary Ed degree.


New petition comment #girfec - "Myself and my husband are our children's named persons, thanks all the same."


"Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something." Plato


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