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Short-term supply query

I'm an NQT in Wales. I've just done four terms supply teaching and I'm not sure where the land lies now. I've been offered a six-week supply short-term contract with the possibility of it being extended to a term or more and being able to start my induction. Am I allowed to start this post knowing that, initially at least, it will only be for six weeks?

Newly qualified teachers can work as short-term supply teachers for five years without doing induction in Wales, but only four terms in England. In both countries you can apply for an extension. Local authority appropriate bodies can give extensions in exceptional circumstances, such as:

* a local shortage of teaching posts suitable for induction;

* personal circumstances, such as childcare or other care commitments that mean an NQT is unable to move to another region in search of posts that can offer induction; or

* serious illness which would prevent an NQT from securing a post for a term or longer.

Once the extension has come to an end, NQTs can't take any further supply.

You can take this post as you're in Wales, but not if you were in England.

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