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Where can I find information about training to become an educational psychologist?

At present, the qualifications and training to become registered as a chartered educational psychologist in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, mean it is necessary to complete the following:

* an appropriate accredited qualification in psychology (one to four years) to obtain the Graduate Basis for Registration (GBR)

* a teaching qualification (that is, PGCE, a PGCE conversion or B.Ed) (one to three years)

* teaching experience with children and young adults up to the age of 19 (two years)

* an accredited postgraduate training course in educational psychology (one year)

* supervised experience as an educational psychologist (one year).

The initial training route for educational psychologists has been under review by a working group under the Department for Education and Skills.

The British Psychological Society has approved changes supporting a training route that will no longer require teacher training and teaching experience. It would consist of GBR plus three years' postgraduate training based in part at a university and in part on placements relevant to the work of an educational psychologist.

The implementation date will depend on the outcome of a DfES spending bid to fund the new training model. According to the BPS website, the DfES announced last November that "there can be no guarantee that funding will be found to enable implementation in the original planned start year of 2005". For more information see

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