Sick of staffroom

My dilemma might surprise you. I've given up on the pay parity issue (never going to happen), I don't care about Foster's report or the innumerable other reports with their grand aphoristic titles that probably cost the taxpayer a hundred grand a syllable to come up with. I don't even care about the poor adults who will no longer be able to study "French For Fun"

or "eBay for Beginners". They'll find somewhere to go. Nothing wrong with the skills emphasis or employers having a greater say! That's today, so just deal with it. My dilemma, what really hacks me off, is this is all anyone talks about anymore. The staffroom is awash with Lutheran-like protestors all looking for a door to hammer their list of grievances to.

It's a relief just to get back into the classroom and deal with the present; the education of minds young and old. OK, just young!

Your complaint is noted and yes, I too get a little overwhelmed by present issues. Rightly or wrongly, much is expected from FE. That makes people nervous, anxious, defensive, aggressive and discursive. I could go on but I sense all that you want is to talk about Chelsea's defence or Celebrity Love Island. Here's some advice. Go for a walk at lunchtimes or create an "issue free zone" in the staffroom. Colleagues unable to comply will be forced to make a donation to an appropriate charity, or be tipped out the window.

Dilemmas should be emailed to Donald Short at

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