Sick of targets

I am sick of targets! Does Estelle Morris really believe that the UK will rival the fundamental skill levels seen in other European countries? Put another way, would we dare suggest to a dyslexic Access student with a history of abuse and low self-esteem that she'll get a Cambridge First within four years? Targets have been set, but will they ever be reached? Future funds depend on them. Can we teachers continue to work under this pressure when at the same time we feel undervalued?

The Government will not admit that it was tactically wrong; easier to blame teachers and colleges. To add to the pressure the emphasis on inspections will now focus on teaching and learning, and with the new targets in place I wouldn't wish an inspection on anyone. All this at a time, when Gordon Brown's financial pledge is distastefully conditional. Colleges and staff are in need of a fillip not a whip. There are hopeful signs however that some in Downing Street would agree. Let's hope so.

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