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I CAN'T believe Blair and Blunkett have the gall to attack teachers again. Politicians have lumbered teachers with so many "strategies" and unachieveable "targets." No wonder people are shirking this poorly paid and thankless job.

Everyone has been to school, therefore everyone (with the exception of teachers) knows how to run one. A builder will say: "This wall is dangerous." Everyone listens. Teachers say: "This ain't going to work." "Humbug," is the reply, "they can't be trusted and are too conservative".

With our second inspection round the corner, we were told by the team leader they would look out for evidence of "awe and wonder". It fills me with awe and wonder that teachers have taken every abuse and "initiative" and still have remained silent. Of course as teachers our views don't count when it comes to education and I'm sure this letter won't see the light of day.

Steven Paterson

Brookfield primary

Allestree, Derby

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