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A simple matter of taste

The answer to why our grant-maintained primary school now serves more school meals than when we used the LEA school meals service is simple. We offer a better, cheaper service using local suppliers as well as the larger contractors.

The "surprising increases", in the meals served at our school mentioned in Clare Dean's article (TES, November 4) reflect a lot of thought and hard work by our kitchen staff and the headteacher. Our parents have supported the service that we are now able to offer and our numbers have risen from an average of 63.5 meals a day when we first became a GM school in September 1992 to 147.4 last term.

The main reason why our numbers have increased is through the efforts of our kitchen staff - we now simply offer a better service.

JOHN STILLWELL Headteacher The Park Lane Primary School Park Lane Whittlesley Peterborough.

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