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Single parent, multi-talented

Ann Marie Glushchenko from Halifax, Yorkshire, left school "with nothing - I had no qualifications I just wanted to work". She worked in a key cutting shop, mended shoes, dressed windows, married and had two children. She began working voluntarily in her son's playgroup and did a basic pre-school playgroup course before plucking up courage to go to Calderdale College for her national vocational qualification in child care where she achieved level 2 and is now doing level 3.

Even as a single parent, she manages to help out in St Augustine's family centre, visit an old lady every day and run the church shop. Then there's the Brownies. Her aunt is involved in the local group: "I go to camp and cook for 40 girls."

She hopes to get level 3 in six months' time and probably get a paid job if there's one available. "I'd like to work where I am now. I'm happy here - paid or not."

Mrs Glushchenko is also busy spreading the word about the courses available at the college. "I tell them to get involved like me. It's better than being stuck in the house - it gets you out."

It also gets you praise. "We're very proud of her," said Dot Saville, her tutor.

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