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'Sink' term is unfair to staff

WE would like to contest the impression your piece "A private function" (TES, Surrey Local Focus, November 22) gave of France Hill school (closed and re-opened as the privately-managed Kings International College).

The use of terms such as "sink schools", "desperate state" and "deficient in quality" are in contradiction to Ofsted reports. The top-grade GCSE pass rate of 36 per cent quoted in the article is inaccurate: the final Year 11 cohort of France Hill school achieved 51 per cent A*-C, despite all the upheaval of school closure.

We write this letter as ex-France Hill staff members who transferred successfully to Kings International College and wholly endorse the comments made regarding the changes to the fabric of the school.

We are concerned that parents and students reading this article will have a distorted viewpoint of the education given to Kings International College students by ex-France Hill staff.

Ex-France Hill staff Kings International College Watchetts Drive Camberley, Surrey

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