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Institute of War amp; Peace Reporting.

Just as Vietnam was the first televised war, so the current conflict in Serbia seems likely to become the first in which the Internet is the primary source of information.

Serbia's media clampdown on March 25 intensified the already frenetic online activity. More than 60 Serbian and Kosovan websites are linked from the site, and anyone hoping to understand the war by perusing these is in for a gruelling time.

But the site also contains extensive first-hand reports from journalists still able to communicate. Accounts of life under fire in Belgrade, or of waiting for the knock on the door in Pristina, are vivid and harrowing.

The site also monitors the outpourings of the Serbian media. It's interesting to check these against the blow-by-blow accounts, maps and aerial photos on NATO's site at:

Great Buildings Online

Aimed primarily at architects and designers, this site serves up a feast of images and information for anyone with even a passing interest in the history of architecture.

Some 750 buildings are included, from a Zulu kraal to St Paul's Cathedral, or the Great Pyramid at Giza to the Petronas tower in Kuala Lumpur - built last year and, just for now, the world's tallest building.

You can search by building, architect, era or region, to find details of the buildings, as well as photos, plans, and downloadable "walk-through" 3-D computer models.

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