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A website about fast food which doesn't warn you against kebabs, burgers and pizzas is not what you'd expect from the Department of Health. But this Thinkfast! website is part of the Health Education Authority's campaign to help reach targets set by the Government to reduce the rates of coronary heart disease in this country by 2005. Most people eat fast food, so why not teach them how to make healthier choices from fast food menus?

Dip into the Fast Food Facts file and find out why you should be choosing thick-crust pizzas over thin crust and test your knowledge of healthier eating on the interactive quiz show.

London Butterfly House.

Be prepared to be lured into the heart of the London Butterfly House by colourful photographs, drawings and facts about butterflies on a fascinating virtual tour.

Pupils can learn about the large variety of butterflies, ranging from the British swallowtail to the papilio blumei of Indonesia.

Explore deeper and you will stumble across the insect house where you can view the Mexican Red-Kneed Bird-Eating Spider, an apparently popular and docile pet.

Educational support is at hand in the form of informal talks for school groups. And if you're looking for an alternative school pet, you might be tempted to order your own exotic butterfly in pupae form.

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