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Cool Science for Curious Kids


The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has adapted acti-vities from five US museums to create this interactive site for primary school children which encourages them to be more inquisitive about science.

With a toilet-paper tube and a bit of artistic flair, pupils can learn "where butterflies come from" by making their own "butterfly emerging from its chrysalis".

A combination of cartoons, animation and sound will help raise awareness of "what's hiding inside your nose", or, more scientifically speaking, what the chemical make-up of the air is.

In case adults feel left out, there is a page devoted to parents offering tips on how to help nurture young Einsteins. For example, when a child asks: "Why does a tree 'bleed' when you cut its branch?", replying "That's the sap", won't reap as many benefits as a discussion on blood and the human body.

CareerWorld UK

There are umpteen possible sites that offer careers advice, but with its science-fiction theme Career- World will probably appeal to young Trekkies and X-philes who face decisions about their future but are not sure where "on earth" to start.

Navigate, Ask, Search and Apply (NASA) your way through the CareerWorld database to find the right course and university for you. Considering a gap year? Then enter the time travel zone and learn how not to fall into the "black hole" of an unplanned year off.

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