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* Newseum

The Newseum, funded by the richly-endowed Freedom Forum, claims to be the world's only museum dedicated to explicating the history and current practice of news reporting. Its exhibits range from an inscribed Sumerian tablet from 2400BC, through Mark Twain's pipe, to a block-long "Video News Wall" showing bulletins from around the world.

Those of us who can't get to the Newseum in Arlington, Virginia, or its new branch in New York can at least look at some artefacts here, and get some assumptions blown away in the process. Did you know, for example, that the Chinese were using a form of movable type printing 400 years before Gutenberg?

The site also links into Freedom Forum's range of resources and archives - a must-see for media studies teachers.

* Non-Stop New York's Easter Joys - stopnyeasterpaschal1.htm

Had your fill of decorating eggs? Try this web site, which celebrates the Easter customs of New York's various ethnic communities.

There are recipes for "Babka" cakes from Poland, Sicilian wine biscuits, Florentine "quaresimali" (lenten biscuits), Greek "koulourakia" (Easter twists) and many more. You can study these to an accompani-ment of Easter music, with MIDI renderings of old favourites such as Irving Berlin' s "Easter Parade", and Mozart's "Laudate Dominum".

There's even a contribution from New York's Japanese community - an origami Easter bunny, yours for the price of a sheet of paper.

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