World Food Programme -

While famine becomes headline news only at times of extreme crisis, this site from the United Nations' frontline food aid organisation documents its efforts to eradicate world hunger.

The site delivers daily updates on the WFP's work in Sudan, where it is co-ordinating the biggest airdrop operation ever to deliver food to 2.6 million starving people. At the same time it is appealing for aid to help 600,000 people in Cuba, where drought is causing severe food shortages.

But these are merely the most desperate WFP operations of dozens - all fully documented deeper into the Web site. Here, too, are the statistics and policy documents, balance sheets and reports. Together, they provide an insight into the logistics of a major relief operation, and a sharp reminder of the absurdity of a world with more than enough food, but where one in seven goes hungry.

National Year of Reading - http:www.yearofreading.

If you haven't visited the National Year of Reading site since its launch last month, it's time to try again. As the Government-backed campaign to change the nation's reading habits gains momentum, the Web site - already loaded with ideas, resources and information - is shifting into a new phase.

New content includes an online monthly magazine, Read Me, focusing on the year's changing themes; and Writer Online, allowing readers to commune with authors from a range of genres.

Bill Hicks -

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