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* Dynamic Science

Buttershaw Upper School, Bradford.

Viewing "Cool School" Web sites for the TES.

I've come across many highly acccomplished, imaginative and sophisticated efforts - but this one still seems in a class of its own.

It's not just the stylish graphics nor thc attractive layout, though these contribute to the highly professional feel of this resource.

Rather, it is the interactive content which gives Buttershaw Upper School's science site the edge in terms of innovation and usefulness.

Try the Sports Science area.

Here is a series of activities relating to the body's use of energy. Online calculators allow students - whether at school or home - to work out how much energy they burn climbing stairs or running.

Other theme areas offer similar riches: Chemistry uses 3-D animation software to represent the structure of molecules; in Dynamics, lnternet spreadsheet sofware allow users to examine the effects of mass and force on acceleration.

The site - which promises regular updates - is the creation of teachers and pupils in the Buttershaw Science laboratory User Group. Look at it and see what can be done.

* National Museum of Photography, Film amp; Television -

This new Web site from "England's most popular museum outside London" supplies plenty of information about attractions while the museum's central Bradford premises undergo a multi-million pound refurbishment.

The site offers tantalising glimpses of its collections of historic photographs, shadow theatre puppets, magic lantern slides, and the hardware of the early years of cinematography.

The museum's education department makes good use of its bit of the site, offering a resource locator and some info on the expanded service it will he able to provide once its new facilities open in spring 1999.


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