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El Nino


If you've ever wondered what was really meant by the strange weather phenomenon of El Nino, then this could be the site for you.

Blamed for everything from flooding in Florida to heavy traffic in south London, El Nino has become the conspiracy theorists' favourite climatic condition.With graphics, animations and lengthy essays, the United States's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration explains the chain of events that begins with changes in sea temperatures in the Pacific and leads to drought, flooding and tropical storms in regions including the southern United States, South America and Indonesia.

There are descriptions of the interplay between oceans and climate here, an explanation of why it's called El Nino, (Spanish speaking fishermen call it "The Little One" as the conditions seem to arrive around Christmas) and an overview of how often El Ninos are likely to occur in a century.

UK Presidency of the European Union: Partners in Europe

The presidency of the European Union, rotated between member states, is to be held by the United Kingdom until June.

To mark the occasion and to encourage an interest in all things European, the Department for Education and Employment has produced a resource pack for primary and secondary schools.

This Web site introduces the materials in the pack and also acts as a focus for a range of European educational projects, including "Comenius", which encourages links between European schools and "Lingua" which supports language learning. There is also help for schools wanting to organise European days or weeks, with case studies of successful projects and ideas for themes and contacts.

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