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Sites for The Humanities

History (Britain 1750 - 1900)

* Emory University Irish Famine * Christopher K Smith Productions:http:www.infi.netcksmithfaminePotatCom.html * National Archives of Ireland (includes a searchable databaseof those transportedto Australia):http: * Anglia

* Manchester Museum of Science and Technology (includesa virtual history tour and the Rochdale Pioneers pages):http:www.u-net.commanchestertouristattractions.html * The Smith Family visit the SS Great htm


* NOAA ClimatePrediction Center:http:cops.wwb.noaa.govwhats new.html * The International Council for Local Environmental Initiativeshttp:www.iclei.orgsbtoc.html * Climate Research Division:http:meteora.ucsd.educrd.html * EarthRise:http:www.kidsat.ucsd.eduearthrisemain.html * The Great Globe * Sea Surface Temperature Satellite Images:http:dcz.gso.uri.eduavhrr-archivearchive.html * Guide to Australia (inc time tables) * The Illustrated Tourof New Zealand:http:nz.comNZNZTour

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