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Six-point plan for ICT

1 Develop and understand the vision

* Your school needs to fully understand the possibilities and limitations of the project

* The head and other key teachers need to know where the school is going so they can lead from the top

* Understand what needs to be done to make it happen

2 Share good practice

* Visit other schools that have undertaken a similar project, and also look at how big companies and organisations have managed change

3 Audit properly

* Look at the systems you have in place and how how much money you are spending on them

* Audit the skills of your teachers so you can budget realistically for training

4 Plan carefully for benefits

* Cost the solution for the long-term

* Draw up plans that are scaleable and expandable - and are not going to be out of date in 12 months, particularly if you are spreading the cost over a longer period

5 Provide training and support

* There's no point having a fantastic set-up if no one can use it

* Empower your staff and build in time for training. Leaving it all to the network manager will add stress and be counter-productive

6 Implementation

* Assume there are going to be problems in the launch, then factor this into your time plan

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