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Size surveyed

The evidence is mounting that class size is what really matters to parents.

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers' Harris poll in September showed that more than two-thirds of those questioned supported teachers in their campaign to reduce class size to under 30 in the primary sector.

Last week, the Eagle Star insurance company published the results of a poll by Gallup which found that four out of five parents believe that classes are too big.

In contrast to chief inspector Chris Woodhead's repeated criticism of teachers, two-thirds of the parents questioned in the ATL survey replied that they were satisfied with general standards in their local schools, and three-quarters said teaching methods were acceptable.

Is it not time for the Government and Chris Woodhead to listen to parents and governors, and to give schools the wherewithal to reduce classes to the size which is acceptable to parents?


Secretary Wiltshire branch Association of Teachers and Lecturers co White's College High Street Damerham Fordingbridge, Hants

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