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Slim pickings

Your Jotter item of January 17, "Pound shredders", erroneously claimed that The Rosemary Conley Organisation has rejected the idea of using state schools for club venues, in favour of the apparently more upmarket facilities offered by public schools.

Having set up my own Rosemary Conley franchise, my first port of call for suitable venues in Glasgow was state schools. Having received a negative response from every state school approached, I called the education authority to ask for assistance. Its response was that no state schools would be prepared to allow any let which included school holidays; that's when schools carry out repairs and maintenance and, of course, the jannie's holiday.

It seems to me that the choice of venues, on my part, was based not on snobbery but availability and co-operation. Rather than being slated for a "money grabbing" attitude, the public schools should be praised for their business acumen.

Do state schools not need the extra revenue from hall lets, or are they simply unaware of such profitable business opportunities?

Rosemary Sedgewick Rosemary Conley Diet amp; Fitness Club, Glasgow South Central

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