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Small but not so perfectly formulated

NVQS AND HOW TO GET THEM Hazel Dean Pounds 7.99 Kogan Page

A small - but long-needed - handbook designed for use by potential national vocational qualifications candidates, this is easy to read and is illustrated with graphics and cartoons.

The main points are reiterated and the format is designed to help the reader to summarise, focus, self-assess and generally decide on the best course of action. It highlights well the differences between academic and vocational schemes.

In the main, it is a self-help book but does not do the candidate any favours when suggesting how they might go about obtaining an NVQ.

The advice given does not include contact with the local college or training provider which is where most people would go to investigate how to gain a qualification.

The section on portfolio development concentrates on evidence and how to gather it. But the book would be enhanced if the author, Hazel Dean, had made greater mention of workplace observation and assessment.

It will help candidates to understand the qualification and what is involved but whether they are adequately advised on certain aspects is debatable.

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