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Smart girls don't play mum;In Brief

Remember when vitamin supplements disappeared from chemists' shelves because people were told they could improve their child's intelligence, only to have the theory pooh-poohed by the medical establishment?

Professor David Benton, a psychologist at the University of Swansea whose initial findings prompted the vitamin mania is now saying, l0 years on, that vitamins only have a significant effect on the intellience of children who have a poor diet.

The improved Western diet has led to an improvement in "environmental" intelligence, though the nation's "genetic" intelligence is declining, according to Professor Richard Lynn. a psychologist at the Unicversity Ulster.

The reason? Intelligent people are having fewer children. According to Professor Lynn the state needs to encourange career women to have children through tax allowances and moral pressure. Professor Lynn is unmoved by any resemblance this may have to social engineering. He said: 'The whole of this kind of agenda has been tarnished by Hitler, but that's not sufficient to rule it out. The intelligence of our nation is important, so let's have this issue out in the open."

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