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Snap happy

Did you really do that on your holiday

We know, we know... teachers are just so lucky, what with their short hours and long holidays. Time to relax, travel, relax again. So two months ago we opened the TES website's Happy Snapper gallery for proof of time spent badly over summer. But it seems it wasn't all Tunisia and television. Here we publish five of the best.

Sue Howarth of Evesham high school, Worcester, describes her picture as 'the sandalled feet of a teacher on holiday, being rowed up the River Avon in Bath by offspring... lazy days'

David Cleland of Lisburn, Co Antrim, took this picture on a family trip to a farm. 'Apparently, the horse reacts like that to all teaching staff...'

Antony Jones and friends worked at a language school in Cambridge. This picture followed a school party and 'a decision to see how many ugly sisters we could fit in a phone box'

Peter Rhodes, head of design technology at a British school in Saudi Arabia, came back to Leeds for summer and, as it was raining, decided to do some work on the bathroom

Katie Tisdale of London is starting her first teaching post as an NQT in September. 'Broke from my PGCE, I've already spent my first pay cheque on these gorgeous leather sofas'

See the full online gallery at Happy_Snapper_gallery. And don't miss the chance to contribute to the new exhibition we're planning to tie in with British Fashion Week. This time we want to see evidence of your fashion bloopers - whether it's kaftans and tie-dye from the Sixties, kipper ties and flares from the Seventies, or Joan Collins-style Eighties shoulder pads. Dig out the photo albums and find those shots that will have your pupils exclaiming: 'Sir, did you really wear that?' Once again the best photos will be printed online and in Friday magazine. We'll pay pound;25 for every photo used in the paper. Go to for details on how to enter

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