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(Photograph) - A week in the life of St Vincent's RC Primary, Acton, west London

St Vincent's, a 450-pupil school on the outskirts of west London, likes to celebrate; in the staffroom every Friday is celebrated with doughnuts, for example. In one week Edith Shawyer, a New Zealander, left the school after three years and reception teacher Yvonne Gregory got married. As Edith's Year 5 pupils got to work on their masks for a farewell performance of Maori myths, the Alakazoo theatre group arrived to entertain the reception class with a performance of Pinocchio. Meanwhile, the staff had other pressing issues to consider - what to give Yvonne (now Mrs Sebuyira) for a present and (even more crucial) what to wear for the wedding.

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snaps by reception teacher Ann Power

* Dressing-up time: Maori masks all round for Y5

* ...and a new outfit for SENCO Angela Gallagher

* John, Y5, makes his mask

* Shiver me timbers: the juniors wrap up for playtime

* ...where Jordon and Laura are on windowsill duty

* On with the show in reception...

* Shani and friends in Year 6

* Surprise for Yvonne Gregory

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