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(Photograph) - A week in the life of Our Lady Immaculate RC Primary School, Chelmsford, Essex.

Work hard, play hard could be the motto of this Essex primary school where, according to headteacher Adrian Hayes, the curriculum is "as broad as you can get". On a recent visit Office for Standards in Education inspectors gave the school an outstanding report, praising its "excellent attitude to work" and finding no weaknesses or key issues to be addressed. "We want the children to experience as wide a range of subjects and after-school activities as possible," says Adrian Hayes, "but not at the expense of achievement in the basics." The school has 215 pupils aged 4-11 and is "an excellent place to be - two days are never the same and we enjoy ourselves hugely".

* Bookworms: Sarah, Y1, and Laura, Y6

* Dialling out: Lindsay rings home using the office phone

* Standing up for music: recorder group

* Bull's-eye:Judy, in reception, practises her ball skills

* Insider dealing: Year 5 study the model of a human body

* After-school gym club: Robert prepares for a competition

* IT expert:Sharna reads 'Wellington Square' from a CD-Rom

* What a brick!: Thomas, aged 4

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