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(Photograph) - A day in the life of Leiston Middle School Suffolk.

If you could take your yo-yo into the art room, nobody would ever want to leave. Some of these young artists will need to hire a van if they want to take their work home. Jack Blades' 3-D cardboard Land Rover is life-size. Like his last piece of work, a 10ft square collage, it's inspired by Jack's passion for the work of Roy Lichtenstein. Ami is working on Anish Kapoor-style sea-anemone creatures in papier-mache while Jack Brighton's robot-calculator sculpture springs from an interest in Eduardo Paolozzi. Charlotte is working on tiny abstract sculptures in fabric, wire and thread - "like jewellery", says head of art Neil Hanger. Neil wishes galleries weren't so far away, but he makes sure the pupils see plenty of contemporary reproductions. His lunchtime art club is always busy, with obsessives putting in extra time on their latest class projects.

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* Cop hold: PC Burchell, police liaison officer, with Y6.

* Charlotte's web, plus abstract spider.

* That's my motor: Jack Blades' Land Rover a la Lichtenstein.

* Ray Newstead, the school cleaner, also does crossing patrol.

* In the pink: Holly (left) helps Ami with her sculpture.

* In a spin: Sean, William and Andrew are yo-yo champions.

* Jack Brighton plus robot.

Snaps by Neil HangerTricia Andrews.

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