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This must be a record - and if it isn't we'd like to hear from you. Over the past 16 months nine babies have been born to teachers at Bottisham village college near Cambridge. The birthday phenomenon was first publicised by Year 8 student Tessa Frost when she wrote a piece for the school's activities week newspaper. For the record, here are the babies' names in order of birth alongside their mums' names: Olivia (Helen Norris, who also produced baby number seven, Charlie - her third child - just 15 months later); Niall (Carol Meeham); Alicia (Jane Gardiner); Isabella (Helen Wyatt); Honor (Sharon Runegall); Isabelle (Sarah Norton); Charlotte (Allison Wylde); Harriet (Cathy Baker). Nearly all were born in theRosie Maternity Unit at Addenbrooke's hospital, Cambridge. The school is a comprehensive with nearly 1,000 pupils. Highlights for the coming year will include a ski trip to Austria in February and a design and technology trip to Venice, now a regular occurrence.

Snaps by Keith Addyman and Ann Titchmarsh

* Bottisham babies: nine for the album

* Sports day: or maybe that should be spectator sport?

* Sports day: waiting for the main event

* Run Rome: this is Venice

* Bottisham belles: carnival time on the Italian trip

* Bottisham babes: trackside view for sports day

* Trip to Venice: last year's design and technology organised trip sampling the local cuisine.

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