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snaps by SIMON LEWIS.

A term in the life of Littlefield school, Liphook, Hampshire What Littlefield school says about being part of the local community isn't just an empty phrase. For when pupils took part in the Liphook carnival their replica of Captain Cook's Endeavour, made from an old fishing boat, won first prize for the best float. Headteacher Simon Lewis says the independent school for three to 11-year-olds isn't a pretentious place. "What we are about is creating a warm, friendly atmosphere. It's very much a family school and it's great for brothers and sisters: the older ones look after the younger ones in breaks." Littlefield invites the community into school and recently welcomed a local farmer who brought his livestock to the playground. Trips are also a priority One visit has been to the nearby Singleton open air museum, which shows what life was like in previous ages. Trips further afield have been to London to see how a national newspaper is put together and to Shakespeare's reconstructed Globe theatre. Since it was founded in 1945, the school has grown steadily and now has 138 pupils and 20 staff.

* Now hear this: Lydia Rollinson describes the visit to Singleton museaum at assembly.

* Round trip: a visit to Shakespeare's Globe theatre in London.

* Flying visit: the hens spread their wings.

* Hold the front page: pupils visit Canary Wharf to see how newspapers are produced.

* Jaw jaw: pupils examine a sheep's jawbone in science.

* Press here: Year 6 on the newspaper visit to London's Docklands.

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