(Photograph) - A day in the life of Torridon infant and nursery school, London borough of Lewisham.

Out with the old, in with the new. Torridon school now has a set of new classrooms thanks to the Government's New Deal scheme. The six classrooms, which cost pound;610,000, replace 30-year-old huts which leaked, had holes in the floors and were difficult to heat because of the draughty windows. When it rained, children got soaked going from one classroom to another. By contrast, says headteacher Janet Braisted, who advised the architects on the school's needs, the new buildings are "spacious, light and airy". Work started last summer, and teachers came in during the Easter holiday to prepare for the opening at the beginning of this term. Former pupils ad teachers attended the opening ceremony, for which the current generation of 270 pupils dressed up in Edwardian costume (the school opened in 1906). The original buildings still stand at the centre of the school and house three classrooms, the ICT suite, nursery, library and staffroom.

Snaps by parent Giuseppe Grossi

* Getting down to it: classroom assistant Pat Banbury, left, and teacher Louise Stockbridge.

It's in here somewhere: classroom assistant Kate Hunt packs up.

Kwayedza Kureya, left, and Daniel Shea outside one of the new classrooms

It's a lovely mess all over the table.

Head case: Nico Grossi tries on his Easter bonnet.

Deputy head Alison Jolly has a clear out before the move In the playground.

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