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A week in the life of Newton Farm first, middle and nursery school, London Borough of Harrow

Environmental awareness knows no bounds at Newton Farm. Although the school is in the middle of a built-up area, it is surrounded by fields, and makes best use of the wide open spaces by having no perimeter fence. Central to the school's efforts to raise pupils' awareness of the natural world is a conservation area that contains two ponds and, so headteacher Rekha Bhakoo is reliably informed by pupils, a fox's den. The garden last year won the school a shield from Harrow Heritage Trust, which has been followed this year by a cash award of pound;50 towards a tree-planting project. Newton farm works closely with Harrow LEAenvironmental scheme, and often plays host to visiting speakers. Mrs Bhakoo says many of her pupils come from disadvantaged backgrounds, and, living in the city, "have never seen how a carrot grows, for instance. They think it just comes from the supermarket,so the garden provides a real learning experience."

Snaps by Newton Farm staff

* Rishi, Ciara and Pooja, Y6, in the garden

* Golden time: pupils get to do their own thing

* Environmental science: Y4 are all ears

* Snap happy: Sahra and Sara-Michelle in reception

* Steps forward: Year 3's visit to the British Museum

* The three Rs: Rory, Ryan and Rikki splash in the nursery

* Boiling point: Natalie and Ebru in a Year 7 chemistry lesson

* Four-part harmony: Year 6 find the key to composition

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