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(Photograph) - A week in the life of the Falconers marching band, Falcon middle school, Norwich.

These pictures tell the story of one frantic week in the life of this 40-strong marching band of recorder players. It started with a trip to Leeds to take part in a millennium festival. Then three days later they went to London to play in a schools prom at the Royal Albert Hall. And to round it off they appeared in a Remembrance Day parade. In between they held a jumble sale to raise funds. The band of eight to 12-year-olds is the brainchild of Year 5 teacher Tony Bailey. He started it eight years ago when he heard a kazoo band and decided he could organise something better. (At the time he was playing bass guitar in a jazz band in a carnival parade.) As well as the recorders and percussion instruments, the band has expanded to include singing and dancing in its act. Last year's school prom (their third appearance) wason a Spanish theme and included extracts from Carmen and a bullfight. The band tours every Whitsun. Last year it was to Spain, hence the bullfight. This year it will be Cornwall, where they hope to play on St Michael's Mount and sing in Truro cathedral. Over Christmas the rest of the school was also musically busy: Year 4 put on a musical about Santa; Year 5 performed The Pirates of Penzance; and Year 7 took part in a carol service.

Snaps by Tony Bailey

Down time: going down the slide at Birchanger services on the way to London

Before the Prom: outside the Albert Hall

The week ends with the Remembrance Day parade

Blow on your fingers to keep warm: standing in the cold outside Leeds College of Music

Prommers in the park: parents by the Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park

Quids in: the gang count the takings from the jumble sale

Hannah Showers, Hannah Mason and Jennie Stewart

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