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A year in the life of Bury grammar school (girls), Lancashire

Pupils at this independent school took one look at the Millennium Dome and decided they could make their own version. Year 9 spent a day at the Dome in Greenwich then came back and made their own in two-and-a-half days. It was part of an annual cross-curricular project in which pupils try to come up with something different - one year they made a model of a bridge over the Manchester ship canal. The Bury Dome included zones on food (20th century eating patterns), language (a French cafe), games and drama. Because it was in the sports hall it had to be dismantled, but a more lasting project was a "patchwork of life" hung in the dining room. This has more than 1,400 small squares, each designed by a pupil, parent or member of staff (the school has just over1,000 pupils aged four to 18, and more than 100 staff). The millennium year also saw a visit by th Blues and Royals, the band of the Household Cavalry. They held a workshop for pupils who joined them for a concert performance. The final millennium event was on December 5 when the maths department took part in national number day with staff carrying something associated with a famous mathematician - such as an apple for Newton.

Snaps by the staff

Hands on: Year 9 pupils work on the body zone for their version of the Dome

Band together: the girls' and boys' grammar schools join forces to play with the Household Cavalry

Zoe Robertson and Philippa Schofield feel fibre optics in the communication zone

Patch up: art teacher Jayne Nelson adds finishing touches to the millennium artwork

Costume drama: Polly Radcliffe and Charlotte Hilton take part in an historical play

Part work: Deputy head gill Burton learns silk painting for her patchwork square

High old time: the kindergarten millennium party

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