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Snobbery unfair to the recorder

How sad to read of children learning a musical instrument, "even if it is only the recorder" ("Poor boys don't play the flute", TES, October 22).

Learning to play the recorder, takes practice and commitment and is a challenge. Playing both tenor and treble recorders in ensembles has given me much pleasure and I am grateful I was able to learn to play competently at school in the 1970s.

It is a privilege to be able to play both modern music for recorder and original recorder music that dates back hundreds of years. Henry VIII was an able musician who played recorder and I use this fact when teaching my Year 3 class. Playing Greensleeves for the children on the recorder is an interesting way to connect with Tudor times.

I play "real" instruments as well!

Sarah van Tol 13 The Oval Guiseley, Leeds

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