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Snow fails to cool inspirational Blair

AFTER driving through a snow storm, I have just returned to my school having listened to Tony Blair articulate his plans for the rest of this decade. His speech at the Centre For Life, Newcastle, was totally inspirational!

At the end of his enthused and passionate speech I approached the Prime Minister and told him how much I had enjoyed listening to his plans and how I found what he had to say inspiring.

I felt he had a strong and powerful empathy for "public entrepreneurs" as he called us. A time for reform and sustained investment in health and education is top of the agenda.

The Prime Minister's vision is clear, precise and sincere. We, the front-line professionals, have a duty to deliver a modernised world-class education service and truly become public entrepreneurs, snow storms and all.

Paul Lawrence Headteacher Newminster middle school Mitford Road Morpeth Northumberland

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