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Snow go for frozen north

Ardallie primary on the fringes of Peterhead was last week snowed under with praise from the inspectorate. Everything bar the school's accommodation was classed as very good. This week, it was just snowed under like most schools in Aberdeenshire.

On Monday, 125 schools remained closed, as they had been for several days last week. Some were shut for five days.

At Ardallie, Susan Chalk, the headteacher, told parents and pupils on Monday that the state of the roads meant continued closure. But work at the top-ranking primary went on regardless of the depth of the white stuff.

"P1-P3 pupils should draw a snowy picture and think of as many words as possible to describe the snow, and P4-P7 should write a snow haiku," the head advised.

"Staff will continue writing pupils' reports in the safety of their own homes!"

And in case of doubt, a haiku is a Japanese-style poem.

Over at Bracoden primary at Gamrie in Banff the advice was "closed to everyone". But that did not halt the serious business of education. "Staff to continue with reports and areas of development plan as agreed," stated the internet update.

Farther south at Catterline primary, it was clear there were two classes of school attendee. "The school is closed to pupils only, as the roads are too treacherous for the school bus. Staff are expected, wherever possible, to make their way in to school. The roads to the village as very icy," the official note stated.

Back up at Crimond primary, south of Fraserburgh, staff were urged to "make their way in if they can do safely . . . oh and bring a shovel or spade with you!"

Farther inland at Strichen, it was a similar story. "Staff should come to school. It is safe to travel but there is a lot of deep snow in the playground so you may need a shovel to dig your way in."

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