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The SNP and Catholic schools

I applaud Fiona Hamilton's courageous stand against seg-regated education in her response to the article by Michael Russell, the SNP's education spokesperson (TESS, March 21).

When I arrived in Glasgow in 1973 as an innocent from an east coast fishing village, I was appalled by the religious bigotry I found there. Working in a further education college, my colleagues were a healthy mix of Protestants and Catholics, and only when politics reared its ugly head in the staffroom did I become aware of radically different attitudes.

My Catholic colleagues to a man believed that the SNP was a "Proddy" party which had little to say to them, their natural allegiance being to the Labour party.

So let's not be too surprised when Mr Russell and his fellow SNP luminaries heap unstinting praise on the Catholic school sector. They have a lot of ground to make up there.

Harry D Watson

Braehead Grove


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