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SO far so...

* March 2002: CRB takes over criminal record checks from the 43 police forces.

* May: Government suspends checks on supply teachers after agencies complain of hundreds of delays.

* August: Fast-track CRB checks abandoned aftermurders of Soham schoolgirls Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells. The Department forEducation and Skills says all staff working with children must be fully vetted.

* September: Children sent home as thousands of teachers await checks.

Estelle Morris, the then education secretary, reverses the previous DfES decision.

* February 2003: David Blunkett, Home Secretary, announces measures to improve the bureau after trouble-shooters call for a "radical overhaul".

* March: CRB misses seven of its eight performance targets.

* May: Government reveals it fined Capita nearly pound;2 million for service failures.

* June: CRB announced plans to raise fees in July from pound;12 to pound;29 for an enhanced check (given to most teachers).

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