So, what is education for?

Muslims believe that humans have been created to worship God. In Islam, worship is a broad concept, meaning any lawful (halal) act performed to gain the pleasure of God. Such acts would include looking after one's family, neighbours, relatives and community at large; working in a lawful job and making a full and beneficial contribution to society. The education we provide should equip young people to do this. It should cover every facet of life, including the spiritual; it is unthinkable that faith should be the forbidden F-word in the classroom or laboratory. Our curriculum is delivered within a faith-based framework: a simple example is the water cycle, every stage of which is covered by a verse of the Koran or a saying of the Prophet. We encourage pupils to seek knowledge from every possible source and put it to good use, keeping the Islamic definition of worship in mind. We also seek to develop a holistic approach to child development that allows young people to tackle any subject with confidence and awareness of their role in life.

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