Soft-focus heads

AS the fight against filing rages on, Nigel de Gruchy rings to contest our scurrilous claim that no one would print his latest soundbite about the Government. It was quoted in the Independent, apparently ... which could be why we missed it.

Meanwhile, the NASUWT and their secondary head mates in SHA have issued a booklet on running the new appraisal system (thus adding to the paperwork sent to schools).

Some NASUWT members have found themselves with a collector's item.Check the preface with its snapshots of Nigel and SHA's John Dunford - Nigel is sharp as ever, but John looks oddly fuzzy, and it's not just the beard.

Apparently his image was downloaded from the web. Some 3,000 copies came out like this. NASUWT is not wasteful, but Nigel's keen to avoid offence.

"We're getting it done again properly," he tells the Diary. "We're keeping these copies for our members, and we'll send the good version to SHA." How


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