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Some re-starters are doing well

THE press have done it again - as chair of governors of a Fresh Start school I am disappointed at the hype created by the media. Cannot credit be given to those schools who are in fact succeeding in their task to improve the quality of teaching and learning?

Improved standards and examination results will come from these improvements. Yes, we have had our problems - who wouldn't with a completely new staffing structure, curriculum changes, and setting a different ethos to encourage "excellence for all". All this with the same pupils who have to live and work through all these changes.

I am pleased that our school was not identified on the front page of today's TES. We shall celebrate our results this week and congratulate our students and our hard-working new team of staff led by our excellent and competent headteacher. We have achieved what we set out to do this year. Good order is now rstored - we are moving forward slowly and our students are responding to the discipline and respect put upon them.

The improvements will show, but gradually. The press will gladly be invited in to our school - as and when we are ready for them. But then that won't be a story, will it? Success does not make headlines.

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Privatise Blunkett

SO the Fresh Start policy for schools isn't working. Why bother looking for wishy-washy excuses such as a lack of funding to explain this away?

No, it is quite clear that this is a failing policy, and we all know the Government's robust approach to such failure - name, shame and blame the person responsible for the policy.

I look forward to reading that the post of Secretary of State for Education and Employment has been privatised.

John Old

17 Wallingford Avenue

Nuneaton, Warkwickshire

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