Some we made earlier

CARDBOARD TUBES, PLASTIC BOTTLES, PLASTIC CUPS, CARDBOARD BOXES. Creative fun series. By Nikki Connor. Watts Pounds 7.99 each

This is the Blue Peter version of making things: a child-centred series of constructing shakers, haunted houses, pop-up clowns, caterpillars and other things.

As with Blue Peter, some of these projects may be a bit hit-and-miss. Using poster paint for the plastic cup and bottle model-making isn't as easy as it looks, for example. The paint has to be put on thick and must dry before materials can be used. The whole process can be time-consuming and messy - something the author fails to mention. Also, some of the cardboard box constructions could be difficult for little hands.

However, the step-by-step illustrations are easy to follow and allow children to take charge with the minimum of adult guidance. The series also teaches children the value of saving and recycling materials. A useful resource for the home, nursery or playgroup. EW

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