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A sorry sight

AFTER six years in the job, is chief inspector of schools Chris Woodhead finally going soft on us?

Just weeks after offering another upbeat assessment of the nation's primary schools in his annual report, the Diary can reveal the sighting of that rarest of animals, a Woodhead apology.

In this case, the aggrieved party can feel highly justified in expecting a response from the man who has constantly preached the need for teachers to instil factual accuracy in their pupils. And here it is, in black ad white. A letter from the chief inspector saying sorry for missing North Marton primary in Buckinghamshire off his list of excellent schools.

The head of another primary school in the North of England that is on the list told the Diary last week that Mr Woodhead had gone from being public enemy number one to the school's favourite person after highlighting its success.

Despite a promise to make amends for his mistake next year, one wonders what his approval ratings are at North Marton.

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