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A sound board of governors

I would like to correct your article about New Monument school, ("Kelly's super board is a failure", TES, May 12).

Surrey council was given permission to set up an interim executive board at the school from November 1, 2005. From the outset, the interim headteacher, interim board and authority have worked closely together in supporting the school. Yes, the school was placed in special measures in January 2006, but this can hardly be seen as the failure of an interim board of governors which had been in existence for 49 days. The board has impressed the authority by engaging with staff, the parents and the community. It has worked effectively with the interim head to secure a good rate of improvement as the school addresses its key issues. Many parents, visitors and children are commenting on the significant improvements.

Your coverage has not done justice to the board's work. They are experienced volunteers with a lot to do, but a failure they are not!

Anna Wright

Director for schools Surrey county council

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