Sound logic of pound;1m purchase

In your article headed "GTCW to buy pound;1m office" (TES Cymru, July 28), reference was made to the General Teaching Council for Wales's recent decision to invest funds, accrued over the past five years from prudent planning and underspending, on new offices in Cardiff. The council would like to stress that any increase on the unallocated reserve of pound;231,500 (for example, from an increase in the estimated numbers of teachers registering or unplanned savings on budgets) would be unplanned and has not been factored into any future fee calculation.

The logic behind using that fund to purchase office accommodation rather than to continue to lease is sound and is a strategy adopted by many professional organisations, including the teaching unions and other GTCs.

While the article reported thepound;1 million average cost of commercial buildings in Cardiff, it did not observe that it is likely to take many years before the GTCW will have accrued the remaining pound;70,000 required for a deposit and is in a position to move forward.

The article also reported elements of the GTCW's draft, unaudited accounts presented to council members. It is important to point out that our chairman, Mal Davies, does not receive any sum to reimburse him for his time. The Pounds 32,000 quoted is paid directly to Cardiff LEA to cover the cost of cover during Mr Davies' absence from his role as headteacher at Willows high school.

Julia Evans

Deputy chief executive

General Teaching Councilfor Wales

4th Floor, Southgate House

Wood Street, Cardiff

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