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* At the end of an after-school French club I tell the class to be sure to wait for their parents to collect them. "Where's your mummy?" asks one girl.

"It's OK," I reassure her, "I'm old enough to go home on my own."


* I'm on playground duty when a group of very worried Year 4 boys run over. One tells me that he thinks he's swallowed a caterpillar. I tell him that he'll be all right, caterpillars are actually quite nutritious and that he's unlikely to be poisoned.

"I'm not worried I'll be ill. It's just that I'm a vegetarian."


* Monday afternoon and computer work is scheduled for the learning support group. Daniel logs on to the website where you can find an aerial view of your home. I later notice him zooming in on Wimbledon Park with great concentration. Fascinated, I ask where he lives. "Not here, Sir. I'm looking for the football I lost last weekend."


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