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During the group shared reading activity, I challenged my most able Year 3 children with a factual account of a lunar landing. To test their comprehension I asked if anyone knew what an "orbit" was.

Holly, a normally quiet child, was sure she knew. "Chewing gum."


* Jessica decided she didn't really fancy abseiling at our forthcoming activity-adventure weekend. I told her not to worry. She should watch the other children before deciding whether or not t have a go.

"But what if you get sea-sick," asked Lee from the seat behind.


* A member of the reception class was having difficulty with his aim when using the toilets. A rather exasperated assistant told him: "If you do it all over the floor, then poor Mr Frost will have to come and clean it."

The little boy thought about it for a moment. "At home it doesn't matter. We've got carpets on the floor in our toilet."


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