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* The highlight of our assembly was a huge book written and illustrated by the Year 5 and 6 children for the infants. Dizzie Derek featured a dragon who couldn't find his reading glasses. As the teacher turned the pages and read the story, she pointed to Dizzie's book shelf, highlighting the titles Dragons Galore, Dragon Adventures and Dragon Goes to Bollywood. "What sort of books did Dizzie like reading?" she asked.

Up shot a hand in the front row.

"Ones with words," squeaked a girl from Reception.


Year 7 was discussing morality when one member of the class put up his hand. "What does losing your validity mean?" asked a bemused boy.


* I recently accompanied a group of Year 3 children on a school trip to London. While they were looking around Westminster Abbey, a voice came over the loudspeaker exhorting all visitors to the cathedral to observe a few moments of silence to listen to a prayer. In the brief pause that followed the prayer, a small voice asked: "Was that God?"


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