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I had one of those magic moments during a recent Year 6 literacy hour when I asked the class to tell me what a preposition was. After a few moments of silence, one girl put up her hand and replied: "Will you marry me, Sir?"


* We had just finished the churchyard scene in Hamlet, and Jonathan, a little self-conscious but with a fine sense of the dramatic, was standing in front of the class holding Yorick's skull.

"ow, what lesson is Shakespeare trying to convey here?" I asked.

Voice from the back: "That's what happens to you when you smoke all those cigars."


* I was consolidating the five senses during a science lesson on the human body with my Year 1 class. We had four, but no one could think of the last one. One boy suddenly shot up his hand. "Miss, Miss, I know. Your sense of humour."


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