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An ancillary is working with a Year 1 child.

"Me got a pencil," says the child.

"No, I've got a pencil," replies the ancillary.

"Me got one too."


* I was covering "light" in science - my first lesson on my own. "Can you give me any light sources?" I asked. It started well: the sun, stars, candles, Heinz, matches, torches... Hang about. Heinz? Maybe it was a new band of light bulb. "Heinz tomato sauce," came the reply. "My mum buys the sugar-free kind because it's got a light sauce."


* A child in the reception class proudly showed his written work to an adult who was helping in the classroom.

"What lovely work," she enthused. "Would you like to tell me what it says?" "I don't knowI it's like Alex's."


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