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* Year 2 were lining up to come into school after playtime. A girl whispered in my ear that she wanted to tell me something.

"So and so has been calling me a Richard head," she confided.

"Sorry, I didn't hear you properly," I replied. "You know, Miss. He called me a Richard head... well, he used the rude word, but I didn't want to swear."


* Day one in nursery and Kyle did not appreciate being invited to "do a job" with his teacher when he was quite happy paddlng in the water. Eventually he agreed. While engaged with his new task, he was asked by another child to come and play on the climbing frame. "In a minute," came the reply. "I'm just doing a favour for this wifie over here first."


* A child who had only recently started school was watching the non-teaching assistant pinning a drape on to the display board.

"Excuse me," he asked politely, "do you often hang curtains on walls without windows?" ELAINE HALLER

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